[Surfraw-devel] Reminder for uninstalled bash completions

Gabriel Lisaca gabriel.lisaca at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 02:27:42 GMT 2020


This is a reminder/update for the email I sent to the list on December 2019.

I just noticed that the person that committed the offending commit was 
Jason Ryan (CCed) for the release of surfraw 2.3.0.  It seems to have 
broken installing bash completions via make.  Do you remember any reason 
why the ability to install bash completions was removed?

Relevant snippets from previous email:

> What is the reason for the removal of the option to install bash
> completions introduced in commit
> `8b7e1d1f4f63d07370953ffc3abe492f943c90a2` (which is tagged
> `surfraw-2.3.0`) with the release of surfraw 2.3.0?

> I can't seem to find any discussion around the removal in the mailing
> list from around the date, and seems to be rather unusual given that
> "ng0's patch to include bash completions" was two commits
> (ad8e7d2547b2263992afff2f14eef45bac0afe9c) before the offending commit.


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