[Surfraw-devel] Reminder for uninstalled bash completions

Jason Ryan jasonwryan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 19:46:37 GMT 2020

Hi Gabriel,

No, I don't recall why that happened. We were in the middle of the
release and about to migrate off the debian infrastructure. I would
imagine it was just an error.


On 29/02/20 at 03:27pm, Gabriel Lisaca wrote:
>This is a reminder/update for the email I sent to the list on December 2019.
>I just noticed that the person that committed the offending commit was 
>Jason Ryan (CCed) for the release of surfraw 2.3.0.  It seems to have 
>broken installing bash completions via make.  Do you remember any 
>reason why the ability to install bash completions was removed?
>Relevant snippets from previous email:
>>What is the reason for the removal of the option to install bash
>>completions introduced in commit
>>`8b7e1d1f4f63d07370953ffc3abe492f943c90a2` (which is tagged
>>`surfraw-2.3.0`) with the release of surfraw 2.3.0?
>>I can't seem to find any discussion around the removal in the mailing
>>list from around the date, and seems to be rather unusual given that
>>"ng0's patch to include bash completions" was two commits
>>(ad8e7d2547b2263992afff2f14eef45bac0afe9c) before the offending commit.


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