[Teammetrics-discuss] Web Framework

Vipin Nair swvist at gmail.com
Sat May 19 17:31:38 UTC 2012


After some basic research and following the advice given on the
mailing list, I think Django will be the best framework for the
project. The various reasons are:

1) Django has a stable API and good upstream development.
2) Django seems to be more popular in the Debian community and there
are many experienced people.
3) Enrico has pluggable app customized with Debian site layout and an
SSO option if required.
4) Project can expand beyond its current scope and web framework
should not limit it.

Please let me know if django is fine. I am relatively inexperienced in
Django but I am sure I can learn it quickly.


Vipin Nair
National Institute of Technology, Calicut

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