Some more queries on packaging with Git

martin f krafft madduck at
Mon Oct 22 08:20:17 UTC 2007

also sprach Kumar Appaiah <akumar at> [2007.10.22.1019 +0200]:
> > Before you go out and try to script this all, have a look at
> > git-buildpackage or
> Thanks for the tip. I am having a look. It seems to be quite generic
> in it's approach.

Lars and I wanted to work on that but time is thin. If you want to
have a shot, please do!

> > Instead, build from Git, configure .gitignore properly and
> > git-status or git-ls-files will tell you what's unexpected.
> Right. But isn't it necessary for us to check whether distclean does
> clean it up anyway? At least manually?

Sure, but usually once-per-upstream release is enough. No need to
clean after every build...

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