[Debian-zh-dev] SCIM, Smart Pinyin IM, how to have pinyin words remaining displayed?

Ming Hua minghua@rice.edu
Sun, 5 Sep 2004 20:25:36 -0500

On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 10:40:32PM +0800, Sebastian wrote:
> Hello everybody,

Hi Sebastian,

> I really like the SCIM SmartPinyin input method and it works just great.
> However, on some Chinese friends Windows installation I have seen some smart
> pinyin input where the entered pinyin remains visible while he is typing
> many characters. This is very useful to check the pinyin spelling has been
> correctly entered. I often happen to wonder why the character won't show up
> until I discover I reversed or mistyped some characters in the pinyin
> string.
> How to have the pinyin remain in the input window while the character has
> not yet been acknowledged?

I suppose you are using the Smart Pinyin in scim-chinese, in that case
you probably need to turn on IMEngine -> Smart Pinyin -> Input tab ->
Show all keys.

> Thanks in advance,
> Sebastian

Hope this helps,

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