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Here is the story, I know you watch P-0-R-N content ... and I have you REC0RDED whlle you MASTURRBATE.
Your smart-phone got lNFECTED and your front CAMERRA turned on when... you know. Also your contacts list, social contacts was copied so if you don`t send to me 800$ value in BIT-COlN I will release the footage with you to your list of contacts. Do a search on Google for PAXXFUL and get some coins there.
My information are this and send that amount approximately:

The Address: 1-N-p-v-d-p-4-n-8-C-S-d-v-P-1-d-q-Z-s-F-N-f-p-D-P-y-v-Q-W-h-9-j-Z-g
The Amount: 0.013

Ok so, you have to remove manually all the dashes in my address and you will get a string of 34 characters that starts with "1" and ends with "g". Use that string of 34 chars to send the bribery. Important also is the addrees is CaSe SeNsiTivE.
I give you a few days to complete this. To remove my stuff from your device do a search on "How to reset to factory settings" and smartphone model.
You should stop to watch this kind of stuffs to avoid this kind of situation ... I`m just saying..
After the bribery was transfer the video will be deleted and I`m gone.
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