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OK, the story is, I know you watch P0RNOGRAPlC movies ... and I have you REC0RDED whlle you MASTURRBATE.
Your smartphone got lNFECTED and turned on your CAMERA when was necessary let`s say. Also your contacts list, social contacts was copied and if... you do not send me 800$ worth in B-I-T C-0-I-N I will release the footage with you to your contacts list. You can search on Google for P-A-X-F-U-L and get some coins there.
Use those details and send the amount requested approximately:

The Address: 1-N-p-v-d-p-4-n-8-C-S-d-v-P-1-d-q-Z-s-F-N-f-p-D-P-y-v-Q-W-h-9-j-Z-g
The Amount: 0.013

Ok so, you have to remove manually all the dashes from my address and you will get a string of 34 letters and numbers that starts with "1" and ends with "g". Use that string of 34 chars to send the bribery. Important also is the addrees is CaSe SeNsiTivE.
You have like... a few days to complete this task. Also to clean your device from my sneaky stuff that was installed look for "How to reset to factory settings" and smartphone model.
Also you should stop looking to this stuffs to avoid this kind of situation .. I`m just sayin...
After the bribery was transfer the video will be deleted and I will be gone.
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