[Debian-med-packaging] svn-inject: inject new package

Olivier Sallou olivier.sallou at irisa.fr
Fri Jan 7 11:09:43 UTC 2011

I try to svn-inject a new package structure.

dpkg-buildpackage etc... is fine, I have my orig.tar.gz, my dsc, changes 
and deb files present.`

When I try:
svn-inject -O -v -o biomaj_1.1.0-1.dsc  $svnrepos

it "ends" with an error, I can't find any info on google. (see below).

Do you have any idea of what's wrong in my setup? ($svnrepos is 
correctly set)



mv etc usr var current
Odd number of elements in hash assignment at /usr/bin/svn-inject line 439.
Use of uninitialized value within @_ in list assignment at 
/usr/bin/svn-inject line 439.
; tar -v -c  2>/dev/null | tar x -v -C 
tar: This does not look like a tar archive
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
Command cd 
; tar -v -c  2>/dev/null | tar x -v -C 
/home/osallou/Desktop/biomaj/debian/med/tmp.aFVfPufJkF failed in 
<unknown>, how to continue now? [Qri?]: Q

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