[Debian-med-packaging] #779014: ITP: subread, looking for sponsor

Alex Mestiashvili alex at biotec.tu-dresden.de
Thu Mar 12 20:37:51 UTC 2015

On 03/12/2015 08:41 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 04:14:11PM +0100, Alex Mestiashvili wrote:
>> I've finished packaging of subread [0] and now looking for a sponsor
>> to review && upload it to experimental.
> I see no reason to upload to experimental since new packages are not
> affected from freeze policy.  So if you agree I'll upload right to
> unstable.

I see, sure, makes sense.

> However, I'd like to ask for some enhancement.  Since you added
> autopkgtests (which is nice) I think you could also provide an
> override_auto_test to run the test right at runtime.  Moreover the tests
> are running only in the unpackaged source dir.  When I wrote
> autopkgtests I always designed these in a way that users can run it
> manually as well.  This includes shipping the needed data in a data file
> under examples and copy them to a temp dir before running the test
> script.  This is OK for autopkgbot and manual user tests.  (I think my
> last package implementing this was vsearch if you need an example for
> what I wrote.)

Thanks for the examples! Initially I planned to put the test directory
to the data package, but then I decided that test files are to big and
removed them from the package.

Also I thought that the tests are important only for the maintainers as
they help detect potential problems with the software.
To be honest I do not see how they can be useful for the users.

> Finally, you might consider using help2man for generating some manpages.
> I would not really require this for sponsering but if it comes cheap via
> help2man I would consider this helpful.  (May be the lastalign page is
> inspiring what I mean.)
> Kind regards and thanks for your work on this
>        Andreas.
>> [0] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-med/subread.git

Thank you for looking on it.
Best regards,

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