[Debichem-devel] gchemutils browser plugins

Jordan Mantha mantha at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 29 22:07:21 UTC 2008

Daniel Leidert wrote:
> Jordan Mantha wrote:
>> Thanks Daniel for working on getting 0.8.6 uploaded and adding the
>> galeon and epiphany deps for gcu-plugin. However, I do have a question
>> about these. For me on Ubuntu I still have to link libmozgcu.{la,so} to
>> /usr/lib/epiphany/2.20/plugins/ to get it to work (but it does work
>> which is cool).
> The plugin works for me with ephiphany-browser and galeon without
> new symlinks. Can you check about:plugins in your epiphany and galeon
> browser and maybe for differences between the Debian/Ubuntu packages
> of these browsers?

Yes, I checked before emailing :-) Without the symlink nothing in
about:plugins and it doesn't open gchemutils files. After symlink it
works. I'll dig around a bit more to see if this is Ubuntu-specific. I
wouldn't have thought so, but I don't know.

>> I'm not exactly sure why the epiphany directory is
>> version specific but we should probably figure something out. Galeon
>> similarly looks to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ for the plugin. Shall we
>> include these in gcu-plugin.links ?
> Not sure. I first need more information. As I already wrote, I would like
> to avoid to pollute the file system for Debian and Ubuntu users.

Sure. I don't really like all these symlinks running around either for
the same plugin.


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