[Design-devel] Next Debian Design team meeting to continue DebConf22 discussions

Joenio Marques da Costa joenio at joenio.me
Tue Jul 26 12:21:48 BST 2022

Hello all,

It is the first time I post here at design-devel list, that's because I 
have just entered the mailing list after taking part of some Debian 
Design team activities during the DebConf22.

First, thanks you all for making this important subject alive inside 
Debian, I would like to propose a online meeting in ~1 month to continue 
discussing the topics we've started in DebConf22.

I propose some date between 22 and 28 August, for me works good any day 
after 16h (UTC).

Can you suggests the best day/time for you?

Joenio Marques da Costa
Invited Researcher at Université Gustave Eifell
Research Software Engineer at LISIS
Developer at CorTexT platform & RISIS Core Facility

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