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Philip Hands phil at hands.com
Sat Apr 9 10:51:08 UTC 2011

Hi Brice,

On Fri, 8 Apr 2011 19:08:41 +0200, JB gost <mygost at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> i'm kinda new to mail-discussion... damn this stuff look like coming
> >> from an another century !! maybe the 20th ? (no offense i bet lots you
> >> guys have probably successfully used this tool in the past decades in
> >> lots of projects)
> >>
> >> why not use a plugin as mozilla did with :
> >> https://firefox.uservoice.com/forums/57440-firefox-4-beta looks great,
> >> looks clean, looks simple, looks handle-able VS mail archives &
> >> discussion that looks so awfully old-fashioned plain... with that kind
> >> of tool the project would get better inputs from the future-user &
> >> contributors... and then better & easier guidance to the output !!
> >
> > Do you offer to setup and host a web forum, and want all us subscribed
> > to this list to also/instead join that other one when you get it ready?
> >
> > Or do you want us all to use that actual Mozilla forum instead of Debian
> > as host for this virtual development gathering?
> >
> > Or what do you mean?
> the OR solution which is a bit of your 1st thing and 2nd thing:
> As far i as understood it :  "uservoice.com" is a business web host
> not affiliated with Mozilla, so it is not a Mozilla.org foundation
> forum, seems like Mozilla outsourced this forum/user feedback to
> "uservoice.com".

I can imagine that once we have some users, there's a reasonable chance
that we'll want to know what they think, and to let them vote on what
their favourite new feature might be, but being an old cynic, I have a
suspicion that the reason that mozilla might outsource this sort of
thing is to keep users away from their developer mailing lists ;-)

The point is that while I may find it interesting that 99% of potential
freedomboxers agree that the killer feature for FB is a facebook portal,
I won't be doing anything about that, since I don't use or care about
facebook, so I'll do those things that interest me regardless of any
vote (i.e. at 4 a.m. last night I was trying to work out why the latest
u-boot renders the booted linux on OpenRD unable to drive the ethernet
properly -- hardly a vote winner ;-)

Also, I cannot see why (even if we wanted such a thing) one would base a
user feedback mechanism it in a centralised, proprietary platform.  We
generally eat our own dogfood when we can.  How much respect would
Debian get if all our project's servers were running Solaris?

Please note, I'm not trying to quench your enthusiasm.  I'm hoping that
you'll direct it towards working on something concrete that will move us
closer to out goal of building a FreedomBox.

Just choose something to work on, and go do it.  That could even be
something like setting up a user forum if that's your thing, but if you
do that, do it because you think it's justified in its own right, and
despite the fact that most of the people here will continue to be _here_.

If you do a good enough job of building it, people will come -- that's
what Jonas is on about when he mentions that Debian is a "do-ocacy".

Cheers, Phil.
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