[Freedombox-discuss] Project plan?

Anthony Callegaro callytic at free.fr
Fri Apr 29 10:32:35 UTC 2011

Le vendredi 22 avril 2011 à 12:32 +0200, Jaromil a écrit :
> >    I was a Kickstarter contributor and have so far been lurking on
> >    the list - and I'm wondering if any project leaders have emerged,
> >    or what the (concrete) plan is. The "Roadmap" page on the
> >    Freedombox site states what we have to do...but not anything
> >    about how to do it.
> i'm also lurking for a while now and trying to understand how to
> contribute to "freedombox", having been involved in first person for
> the creation of dyne:bolic GNU/Linux 10 years ago (
> ftp://ftp.gnu.org/mirrors/dynebolic and http://dynebolic.org ) and as
> a groupie for the netsukuku project http://netsukuku.org so i'm
> obviously very interested in what comes out here now.

Well Debian has always been a do-ocracy so I guess FB will just in the
direction of the first people who will actually implement anything and
evolve from there.

I think everybody is suffering from a blank page syndrome at the
moment :o) myself included, with no clear roadmap.

The best would be to pick your best interest in FB and start
implementing that part. Then try to link it with other FB related
projects until we manage to have a full stack. 

Myself I am trying to get some time to implement a Dropbox replacement
as I need one for a work project. So I am evaluating all solutions from
Sparkleshare http://sparkleshare.org/ to lipsync
http://philcryer.github.com/lipsync/ and even tahoe-lafs, scripted
unison, etc etc. Once I have something working I will try to package it
and then link it with the rest of the architecture.

I don't see FB evolving in any other way for now, trying to get a full
blown high level architecture without any clearer goals is IMHO not
possible, we will just produce specs that will never be able to
accommodate all FB goals.

What do you think ?

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