[Freedombox-discuss] Hardware Platforms; more problems...

bertagaz at ptitcanardnoir.org bertagaz at ptitcanardnoir.org
Thu May 12 10:18:27 UTC 2011

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 11:34:45AM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On 11-05-12 at 04:53am, AnotherPeasant wrote:
> > How many of us really, truly KNOW what is in the hardware?  If we 
> > don't, it should be on our list of things to learn, or at least to 
> > learn to test for.
> Please put it on some list at some *other* project than FreedomBox.
> It is a very _very_ important area, but not for FreedomBox.  FreedomBox 
> really isn't about stuffing freedom-tech into all sorts of small 
> hardware, but on stuffing those pieces into specific beige ones that we 
> can mange to make dead simple for non-techies to use.
> If we cannot manage to make anything at all dead simple to use, then 
> FreedomBox has failed.
> No, FreedomBox success do *not* rely on shipping it to chinese or 
> iranian users, or being able to swallow, or properly doing mesh 
> networking.  Those are all great things, but icing of the FreedomBox 
> cake.  FreedomBox is about passing some of what us techies already use 
> every day onto our non-techie friends!

I didn't understand the same from Eben's talks, which were mentionning
this chinese or iranian as some of the targeted users, or at least people
that this project should help. I don't think your final sentence to
describe this project comes from a consensus of people on this list, nor
is a good synthesis of Eben's proposal.

Please stop putting yourself as the guardian of this project, which you
are not. You blocked the discussion some people were willing to have on
the way to organize the project, so no one, including you, is able to have
this role here.

To quote on of your mail :
"But as I see it, if we restrict ourselves not only to a common direction 
but a (too specific) common goal, then what will most likely happen is 
that we loose valuable contributions, as we take the steam out of 
passionate hackers wanting to scratch their own personal itch, not the 
itch of a consensus team."

So if AnotherPeasant want to work on this, why not let him do?


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