[Freedombox-discuss] Two days left on your PageKite account ??

Marc marc at let.de
Sun Jun 24 18:05:37 UTC 2012

WTF ? You serious dude ?

2012/6/24 Bjarni R. Einarsson <help at pagekite.net>:
> Dear macbroadcast,
> We just wanted to let you know that you only have two days
> left on your PageKite.net account.  Once your time runs out,
> your kites will stop flying and go offline.
> If you intend to continue using the service, please log on to
> your account at <https://pagekite.net/home/> and click the
> "+buy more" button to the left to extend your subscription.
> Note that we will not delete your account until it has been
> inactive for at least 6 months. So don't panic! :-)
> If, on the other hand, you have decided not to use the service
> anymore, please accept our thanks for taking the time to give
> it a try.  If you can spare just a few more minutes, we would
> love to know why you have decided to stop using PageKite.
> Your feedback matters!
> Thanks,
>  Bjarni and the PageKite team

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