[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox/Unhosted/PageKite for Access Innovation Prize 2012

Markus Sabadello markus at projectdanube.org
Sat Jun 30 11:03:59 UTC 2012


So back in May, when I did a FreedomBox-related
the Internet Identity Workshop, I was made aware of the Access
which hosted the recent RightsCon and is also doing a lot of other great

They are now calling for proposals for the Access Innovation
Prize<https://www.accessnow.org/prize>where you can win $20k.

So Michiel of Unhosted, Bjarni of PageKite, and myself have decided to
submit a proposal, which would include building a simple FreedomBox
prototype that runs an Unhosted "remoteStorage" component and PageKite to
make it accessible from the open web. Also, the idea is to try integrate
FreedomBox with the local FunkFeuer community mesh network in Vienna. We
haven't submitted the proposal yet (deadline is August 15th), but here's
the current text we're working on:

Basically, the idea is that you could use any Unhosted-enabled web
application out there, and your data remains on your FreedomBox.

I know that on the other thread there's a discussion about leadership and
about joining in.
I had all these questions too since I started working with FreedomBox, e.g.
when I did demos, I wasn't sure to what extent I could speak "officially"
about FreedomBox, how I could get involved, etc.
In light of current criticism and allegations of vaporware, I think the
answer is simply that everybody with ideas and resources should try to get
something done in whatever way works.

Anyway, so if we win the prize, then this could serve a few purposes..
1. The three of us would have some $$$ to actively work and contribute to
the FreedomBox at least for a little while.
2. The stuff we would work on (putting Unhosted and PageKite on the box)
seems to align well with the "DropBox Replacement" idea that has been
floating around.
3. We would have an actual (limited functionality, but working) FreedomBox,
and a minimal viable product that can be demo'd at conferences.
4. The prize would mean a PR boost for the involved projects.

What do you think..?

Project Danube: http://projectdanube.org
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium: http://personaldataecosystem.org/
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