[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox/Unhosted/PageKite for Access Innovation Prize 2012

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On 30 June 2012 13:03, Markus Sabadello <markus at projectdanube.org> wrote:

> Heya,
> So back in May, when I did a FreedomBox-related demo<http://blog.projectdanube.org/2012/05/freedombox-at-the-internet-identity-workshop/>at the Internet Identity Workshop, I was made aware of the Access movement,
> which hosted the recent RightsCon and is also doing a lot of other great
> work.
> They are now calling for proposals for the Access Innovation Prize<https://www.accessnow.org/prize>where you can win $20k.
> So Michiel of Unhosted, Bjarni of PageKite, and myself have decided to
> submit a proposal, which would include building a simple FreedomBox
> prototype that runs an Unhosted "remoteStorage" component and PageKite to
> make it accessible from the open web. Also, the idea is to try integrate
> FreedomBox with the local FunkFeuer community mesh network in Vienna. We
> haven't submitted the proposal yet (deadline is August 15th), but here's
> the current text we're working on:
> http://projectdanube.pbworks.com/w/page/54796496/Access%20Innovation%20Prize%202012
> Basically, the idea is that you could use any Unhosted-enabled web
> application out there, and your data remains on your FreedomBox.
> I know that on the other thread there's a discussion about leadership and
> about joining in.
> I had all these questions too since I started working with FreedomBox,
> e.g. when I did demos, I wasn't sure to what extent I could speak
> "officially" about FreedomBox, how I could get involved, etc.
> In light of current criticism and allegations of vaporware, I think the
> answer is simply that everybody with ideas and resources should try to get
> something done in whatever way works.
> Anyway, so if we win the prize, then this could serve a few purposes..
> 1. The three of us would have some $$$ to actively work and contribute to
> the FreedomBox at least for a little while.
> 2. The stuff we would work on (putting Unhosted and PageKite on the box)
> seems to align well with the "DropBox Replacement" idea that has been
> floating around.
> 3. We would have an actual (limited functionality, but working)
> FreedomBox, and a minimal viable product that can be demo'd at conferences.
> 4. The prize would mean a PR boost for the involved projects.
> What do you think..?

Will there be a debian package for this prototype?

> Markus
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