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lupa lupa18 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 14:46:08 UTC 2013

(again without attachments)

Hi all... I'm trying to install and test freedombox, but couldn't:

# First, I download an .img and I'm not sure how to install on a VM.
Anyway, I couldn't find documentation on how to do that.
# Then I realize about VMs images ! great!! but: Temporarily Unavailable
(see attach)
# Then.. I try to search for other images and. Click on
http://pagekite.net/community/DebianFB/ and: NOTE: This is all very
** so I click on "Nick Daly's website" and again: Temporarily Unavailable
# Finally only for been bored, I try to go diaspora and: 404 These are not
the kittens you're looking for. Move along. (see attach)

So.. how can I try freedombox for testing? It's alive? Are you there?
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