[Freedombox-discuss] Cozy, a personal cloud you can host, hack and delete

Frank Rousseau frank.rousseau at cozycloud.cc
Wed Oct 23 15:36:25 UTC 2013

Hello all,

   I would like to introduce you to Cozy, a project that fit well with 
the Freedombox spirit. We started Cozy because we were annoyed by the 
fact that our personal data were spread among major cloud company silos. 
We wanted to take the full potential out of our data without worrying 
about privacy issues.

To solve that, we built a personal PaaS that is simple to use and allows 
everyone to host and build easily web applications that collaborate 
around their personal data. It's aimed to be run on top of a linux 
distribution and the software is libre and open-source. About who is 
behind the project, it is supported by a startup, Cozy Cloud, part of 
the Mozilla WebFWD accelerator (our business model is based on 
professional services around the solution).

Yesterday, we published our first release, name "Snowden", as a tribute 
to the person the NSA hates the most! He provided us with proofs of what 
we have suspected: the cloud is not a paradise. It has helped us 
tremendously in explaining the benefits of Cozy, we are grateful for his 
work. If you want to give it a try, you will find informations in the 
links below.
NB: This first version only includes the core module. The available 
applications (contacts, calendar, photos...) still require some work.

Annoucement : http://cozy.io/v1-snowden-release/
Project website : http://cozy.io

If you see some way we could join our force with the Freedom Box 
project, let us know we would be glad to work together!


Frank Rousseau

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