[Freedombox-discuss] Freedombox mentioned on Slashdot

Ian Sullivan sullivan at softwarefreedom.org
Wed Apr 16 21:45:51 UTC 2014

On 04/16/2014 03:53 PM, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Ian Sullivan]
>>> And I would very much like to get some help spreading the word about
>>> the project. :)
>> I'd love to help get the word out about the 0.2 release in particular, I
>> just don't know all the relevant things that 0.2 actually does. Any help
>> on updating the release notes from those running 0.2 would be greatly
>> appreciated!
>> https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/ReleaseNotes
> Well, the point of the 0.2 release was to get something out to the
> public and let everyone know that the project is still going strong.
> To me, the details do not really matter for the 0.2 release notes.
> All it need to state is that we did a new release and that it provide
> new archs and a preview of the web interface.  The rest is just
> snapshots of work in progress.

I can work with that. Any other points anyone wants to add? What does
the preview of Plinth actually let you do at the moment? Is the
Tor-routing currently on (not acting as an exit node)? Is dnsmasq
working as a local dhcp server?

> So cut it down to a point where it only contain stuff you can relate
> to, and get it out there. :)

Sadly I haven't been able to get my Pi running the the 0.2 release so I
haven't been able to test the parts I can relate to.

> Having done the 0.2 release not not being able to announce it is not a
> good omen to me. :/

Completely understandable. Hopefully we can get the rest of the details
together right here and I can let the kickstarter backers know about the
progress in the project.


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