[Freedombox-discuss] Packages in Debian we use that need a hand (how-can-i-help)...

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Sat Jun 14 22:48:45 UTC 2014

As we install the how-can-i-help package on the Freedombox now, it is
easy to get a list of packages we use that need a hand.  This is the
current list.  It was worse than I thought.

======  How can you help?  (doc: http://wiki.debian.org/how-can-i-help ) ======

Packages where help is needed, including orphaned ones (from WNPP):
 - openslp-dfsg - http://bugs.debian.org/565361 - O (Orphaned)
 - gnupg - http://bugs.debian.org/660685 - RFH (Maintainer looking for help)
 - libcap2 - http://bugs.debian.org/534999 - RFH (Maintainer looking for help)
 - openldap - http://bugs.debian.org/512360 - RFH (Maintainer looking for help)
 - openssl - http://bugs.debian.org/332498 - RFH (Maintainer looking for help)
 - xml-core - http://bugs.debian.org/660687 - RFH (Maintainer looking for help)

Bugs suitable for new contributors (tagged 'gift'):
 - apt - http://bugs.debian.org/80123 - Pre-Download hook
 - apt - http://bugs.debian.org/711456 - apt-cdrom: MultiArch support with a single CD-ROM drive
 - aptitude - http://bugs.debian.org/174820 - aptitude: I hit '+' on a virtual package, and nothing happens
 - aptitude - http://bugs.debian.org/492432 - aptitude: fetch and display copyright (like changelog)
 - aptitude - http://bugs.debian.org/497137 - "download" command ignores cache and directly goes to HTTP!
 - aptitude - http://bugs.debian.org/693847 - aptitude: Repeated "Downloaded" lines w/ http.debian.net

Packages removed from Debian 'testing' (the maintainer might need help):
 - libboost-iostreams1.49.0 - http://packages.qa.debian.org/boost1.49
 - ejabberd - http://packages.qa.debian.org/ejabberd

Packages going to be removed from Debian 'testing' (the maintainer might need help):
 - freedombox-setup - http://packages.qa.debian.org/freedombox-setup - removal on 2014-07-10
 - resolvconf - http://packages.qa.debian.org/resolvconf - removal on 2014-07-10 (bug: #749405)

Basic crypto stuff need help, we lost our XMPP server in testing and
are about to loose our setup package too.  Perhaps you can help?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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