[Freedombox-discuss] Test if your freedombox is working as it should (testsuite)

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Mon Mar 17 09:29:45 UTC 2014

The Freedombox got a test suite to check if servers and services are
working as they should.  The code is in the freedombox-setup package,
located in /usr/lib/freedombox/testsuite.  To test your installation,
log in as root (currently password freedom - please change this), and
run this command:


On my test machine with the latest freedombox-setup package, The output
look like this:

  root at freedombox:~# /usr/lib/freedombox/testsuite/check 
  success: ./dns-server.test: DNS service is listening on domain/udp.
  error: ./dns-server.test: DNSSEC is not enabled
  success: ./ldap-server.test: ldap server on ldapi:// responded
  success: ./plinth-server.test: Plinth service is listening on 8000/tcp.
  success: ./plinth-server.test: HTTP access to http://freedombox/plinth/ worked
  success: ./tor-client.test: tor service is listening on 4431/tcp.
  success: ./tor-client.test: tor service is listening on 9050/tcp.
  success: ./tor-client.test: HTTP request to www.debian.org via TOR works.
  success: ./tor-client.test: HTTP request to check.torproject.org via TOR report that TOR is used.
  success: ./web-proxy.test: privoxy service is listening on 8118/tcp.
  success: ./web-proxy.test: HTTP request to www.debian.org via privoxy works.
  success: ./xmpp-server.test: XMPP service is listening on xmpp-server/tcp.
  root at freedombox:~#

The DNSSEC test is there just to remind us to get it working.  There is
so far nothing enabling DNSSEC on the freedombox. :)

Please write and submit patches for more tests, if you discover
something not working as it should.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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