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Adrian Gropper agropper at healthurl.com
Fri Jan 15 22:12:04 UTC 2016

Less Thinking + Instant Gratification would steer visitors to recommended
virtual hosts from our landing page.

My user community (patients with serious or chronic illness) does not care
as passionately about Freedom as we do - yet, They need a way to own a hub
for their secure email and very private behavioral information, including
records, the location of loved ones, etc... That will not be mined or
abused or sold by an intermediary. For them, freedom means not having
Facebook or some institution see your data. For them, the important thing
is freedom to operate a community of interest without commercial or
regulatory side-effects.

Can we offer instant gratification by pointing to virtual hosts that would
run a FreedomBox for, say, $5/mo? These virtual hosts, like today's VPNs,
might need a reputation mechanism or an off-shore jurisdiction to protect
certain freedoms but that's not a reason not to begin down the path?

Also, people might invest $5 to try out FreedomBox for a month even as they
order an SD card or a Danube Edition.


On Friday, January 15, 2016, <sam at bristolwireless.net> wrote:

> Hi all
> if it looks complex, then this purpose
>> is not fullfilled.
> I agree. Don't make me think
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%27t_Make_Me_Think
> In this case, the simplest thing would be a 'buy now' button that took the
> user to Amazon. Like this:
> http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aws/cart/add.html?AssociateTag=howtosurvivet-21&ASIN.1=B019FUVHHA&Quantity.1=1&ASIN.2=B00KGRKB9M&Quantity.2=1&ASIN.3=B009AYVNMQ&Quantity.3=1&ASIN.4=B00HVEZFXA&Quantity.4=1&ASIN.5=B00CKQU6ME&Quantity.5=1
> This is an affiliate link and I'd earn a small amount of money from Amazon
> if a user brought this stuff. In this particular case, I also happen to be
> the vendor of the Freedombox SD card. (I know the SD card is unavailable -
> I'll get around to fixing it soon)
> What I think would be useful is if people on this list started selling
> Cubietruck SD cards configured with the Freedombox ISO via Amazon. Amazon
> will drop ship them, so you'd just need to ship them 10-20 cards at a time
> when they notify you that they are down to 5 or so. It would be great If a
> few other people started providing SD cards in the US etc.
> Freedombox foundation could set up as an affiliate and earn a few quid
> every time someone brought all the components via a click from the
> Freedombox site.
> I think listing all the functions/roles of FreedomBox will
>> confuse/distract the user.  It is better to talk about at most 3-5
>> functions and say 'many more'.
> +1 for me the killer apps are personal cloud (Owncloud) plus Adblocking.
> Plus some other stuff if you are interested and geeky.
> I also hope that farming Safecoins will give users more impetus to run a
> personal server, and that the Safe network will provide them with a
> mechanism to back up all their stuff. In the longer term, I think the Safe
> network could disrupt the whole game, but that remains to be proven at this
> stage. Ref: http://maidsafe.net/
> Thanks
> Sam
> My site selling Freedomboxes/ Safe network Vaults is here:
> http://safenetworkbackup.com/ If I ever make any profit off it
> (doubtful!) I'll donate 10% of the profits to Freedombox foundation, along
> with 10% to the Maidsafe foundation.


Adrian Gropper MD

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