[Freedombox-discuss] Power on failure

Randy Griffiths rgriff35 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 02:41:21 BST 2018

I'm new to FreedomBox and am struggling to find help.  I successfully
installed the FreedomBox software onto a Lime2 a few days ago without any
issues and installed some apps. I received a box enclosure for the Lime2
today,  so I shut down the FreedomBox through the web interface and then
unplugged the power cord and ethernet cable so I could put the board into
the box. After the board was enclosed I plugged in the ethernet cable from
the router and then the power cord.  The red light by the power jack came
on but the lights above the ethernet jack did not come on.  I do not see
the FreedomBox as a connected device on my router and cannot access the
FreedomBox through a web browser from https://freedombox.local.

What am I missing?  I'm not sure if this has already been covered by this
list.  Is there a way to search the list?


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