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Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Tue Jul 10 17:44:18 BST 2018

Quoting Stefan Monnier (2018-07-10 16:12:46)
> >> I used to run Yacy on a FitPC2 (1GB of RAM, 1.6GHz Intel Atom), but it 
> >> was problematic: I think it's OK to run it on a 1GB machine, but you 
> >> can't run anything else alongside (I was trying to use the machine for 
> >> other things at the same time).
> >> 
> >> Note that the above page lists Gitlab and Redmine without any "too 
> >> heavy" side-note, even though both systems announce a hardware 
> >> requirement of 4GB IIUC (and from what I hear Gitlab needs 2GB to run 
> >> tolerably).
> >> 
> >> So, maybe the FreedomBox project should clarify what is considered 
> >> "too heavy".
> >
> > Thanks for sharing that valuable info.  Please consider editing the 
> > wiki: The FreedomBox project are those who volunteer to do the work.
> Not sure what edit you're thinking of, because I don't think I should
> put my opinion in there (I'd rather try and stick to facts).
> IOW in order to know what to put into the wiki, we'd first have to see
> what are people's opinion on what "too heavy" means for our community.

That note regarding yacy was quite likely not backed by scientific proof 
but was someone sharing their - possibly flawed - knowledge on the topic 
- also, that knowledge was quite likely *not* discussed in detail on 
this list before they went and put it on that wiki page.

I would prefer that we _not_ require strong proof or prior debate.

 - Jonas

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