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Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Tue Jul 24 10:30:50 BST 2018

Hi Matthias,

Quoting Matthias Weiler (2018-07-23 18:28:19)
> I did some research to decide for a hardware platform to use as my 
> future FreedomBox. From what I understand NanoPC-T4[0] would be a good 
> choice but I would like to hear your opinion before I order it.
> The good:
> very powerful
> dual WiFi
> 16 GB eMMC should suffice for many applications
> M.2 PCIe for SSD is you need more storage
> USB 3.0 (e.g. for backup on external HDD)
> comes with a case and power supply
> RK3399 SoC has pretty good mainline support [1]
> officially supports Ubuntu[2] so Debian should run (I assume)
> Caveats:
> high price
> power consumption unclear
> heat production unclear
> no SATA (but M.2)
> not open hardware
> I added the device to the Hardware list[3]. Not sure about the point
> "Debian arch" so please correct this - I basically guessed.
> Did I miss something? What do the more knowledgeable think about this 
> device?

Thanks for the research!

I have dropped it from the list, however, due to its price and lack of 
proper case: Providing top and bottom plates might be a "case" for a 
geek, but for target users of freedomBox - non-technical users - such 
setup is no doubt perceived as a "wires hanging out of it" incomplete 
thingy.  With proper case the price likely goes up above the threshold 
for the list.

I am unawaare if the wiring of that board is good or bad - I can 
recommend to try locate some critical discussions e.g. at the Armbian 
forum about it, if you are still in love with that board despite its 

 - Jonas

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