[Freedombox-discuss] is freedombox 0.9 a 1 and how many freedomboxes are there?

a ninhar at inbox.lv
Mon Jun 25 15:24:51 BST 2018

> I hesitate getting involved with more forums (but am not against this 
> one specifically, am just exhausted personally, so will maybe join 
> later), and would appreciate if you could pass on requests for the 
> pieces I already summarized in my previous email.

Do you want to install more maidsafe software than the vault
software on the freedombox? The vault software will not
get released before version alpha 4.
Maidsafe told me they will make debian packages. Previously maidsafe
has made debian vault packages for the public. Then stopped and
is testing vault software on servers they control. Looks
like nothing to do about the vault software before maidsafe
makes the debian packages public.

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