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seaandsky bigseaandbigsky at protonmail.com
Sat Mar 24 12:17:54 UTC 2018

Hi, I installed FreedomBox on my a Raspberry Pi 3 a couple of weeks ago and I can say that FreedomBox has already liberated my digital life. Having the contacts and calendar server so ubiquitously and cheaply (Pi3 is around £5 - £10 per year in energy costs to run it 24/7/365) available has allowed me to switch my phone over to it and delete my calendar and contacts records from my Google account. Installing Syncthing has allowed me to delete all the rest of my files/records from my Google account. I now have friends and family chatting and calling over eJabberd and my nephews using Mumble for their gaming chat, made so easy using FreedomBox. I watched the Moglen presentation all those years ago in 2010, but I hadn't looked up the progress of the FreedomBox project for years until last month and I have been blown away by how useful, easy and well presented it is.

Just to say that when I try and view the FreedomBox Wiki/manual (https://wiki.debian.org/) while logged into my VPN service (Private Internet Access) I get an error: "Forbidden <p>You are not allowed to access this!</p>". Which is kind of poetic.

Thanks and I look forward to following progress over this mailing list.
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