[Freedombox-discuss] Upgrade 19.1 to 19.13

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Fri Aug 9 16:58:58 BST 2019

On 09/08/19 7:28 am, permondes - sagen wrote:
> So now I have the upgrade to 19.13. There are some apps that say in
> plinth that they require update: Syncthing, Searx (which is also
> deactivated), Matrix.
> Clicking on the "Send Data" I receive the following error:
> Error during installation E: The repository 'http://security.debian.org
> testing/updates Release' no longer has a Release file. E: Repository
> 'http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian testing InRelease' changed its
> 'Codename' value from 'buster' to 'bullseye'    
> Actually, I want to stay on the stable + backports path.
> Oh, I just see, sources.lst shows "testing". Can I manually change it to
> stable and add backports?
> However, 50unattended-upgrades uses ${distro_codename}  and
> 60unattended-upgrades uses backports. Is sources.lst not used unless I
> do an apt upgrade?
> I am confused

You have been on 'testing' since before Buster was released. When Buster
was released 'testing' distribution's codename changed from 'buster' to
'bullseye'. This means since the release of Buster your system did not
installed any new packages. Which is sort of nice since you now want to
be on 'stable' + 'backports'. Go ahead and change 'testing' to 'stable'
in you sources.list. FreedomBox takes care of 'backports' part with only
very selective packages allowed for upgrade to backports.

Also you need to run 'apt update' manually on the command line and
accept the prompt to change the codename. More information was posted in
the forum[1].


After this, let FreedomBox restart and the apps that have been asked for
update should automatically update and continue to work. Report back if
you face problems after that.


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