[Freedombox-discuss] Announcing my departure

Joseph Nuthalapati njoseph at riseup.net
Fri Dec 13 15:20:18 GMT 2019

In addition to the contributions listed by Sunil, I'd like to mention
some more major contributions from Danny to the FreedomBox project.

- Danny did most of the heavy-lifting to make FreedomBox Pioneer edition
a reality
- Gave awesome talks about FreedomBox at most major free software
conferences in the last year
- Helped the project be an early adopter of Mastodon and PeerTube,
connecting better with the wider free software community
- Came up with the "contributor invites" idea which attracted a good
number of contributors to FreedomBox. This might even become a trend in
the free software world!
- Published news items to the FreedomBox Foundation website
- Supported the community on the forums
- Helped draft the Code of Conduct and Governance documents for the project

Danny played several roles like product owner, spokesperson, marketing,
product analyst etc.


Thanks for all the passion you put into this project. You will be
missed. I sincerely wish you great success in your next adventure!

My best wishes.

> On 12/12/19 11:15 am, Danny Haidar wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I’m writing to share some news. At the end of December 2019, I will
>> be departing from my position at the FreedomBox Foundation.
>> Ever since I started working at the FreedomBox Foundation in June
>> 2017, I’ve been guided by your voices. And thanks to you--the
>> contributors throughout the world--the project is now in the best
>> shape it has ever been in. The FreedomBox community is vibrant and
>> growing, and the number of newcomers I see on our forum makes me
>> optimistic about the project’s future.
>> Ever since I shared this news with the FreedomBox Foundation and
>> the FreedomBox core team, we’ve been planning for the transition.
>> I’ll do my best to ensure that my departure is minimally disruptive
>> to the project’s operations.
>> My last day in the office is Monday, December 23rd, 2019. After
>> that, I will no longer be the point of the contact for the
>> FreedomBox Foundation. If you want to reach the FreedomBox
>> Foundation, please email info at freedomboxfoundation.org.
>> I'm grateful for my time with you. All the people I’ve worked
>> with—from core team members and Debian elders to new contributors
>> and new users—have made me confident that the project is in good
>> hands.
> I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible
> contributions to the project. I would like to call out the many areas
> of your contributions including handling foundation's matters, herding
> community contributors, shaping project policy, highlighting
> priorities, networking with friends of the project, establishing
> hardware partners, inspiring talks at numerous venues, contributions
> to feature/design discussions, your pull requests to code and
> supporting our users.
> Needless to say, your potential replacement at the foundation has some
> big shoes to fill. I wish you all the best for your future plans.
> Thank you!
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Joseph Nuthalapati

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