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Hi Jon,

Please find the answers to your questions below:

On 2/25/19 6:07 PM, Jon Carriel via Freedombox-discuss wrote:
> Hi -- I hope this isn't too much at once. 
> - I've long had the TOR browser running on Windows on my PC. Do I need
> to download the browser to the FBox?  The Windows or Linux version?

You can by all means continue using Tor browser on your PC. You don't
need to put the Tor browser software on your FreedomBox; FreedomBox
doesn't host the Tor browsing software.

When it comes to Tor on FreedomBox, the most common use case (in my
experience) is using Tor hidden services, which enable you to access
your FreedomBox remotely without showing your location. You can also use
your FreedomBox to host a Tor relay, which donates bandwidth to the Tor

> - I now can open a Chrome window and get into FBox without protests.
> However, when I try that from a (Windows) TOR browser screen, it
> insists the site is unavailable.
Tor Browser will not be able to access IP addresses on your local
network (like, e.g., Since Tor browser routes your web
browsing through a relay in the tor network, you're browsing the
internet from outside of your home network when you use Tor browser.
This is why you can't access your local network from Tor browser.
> - In Configure app, I left the hostname as "freedombox" and did not
> enter a domain name, given that I currently am trying only to be
> reached by other local devices.
Sounds good. No issue with that.
> - When I ran the Certificates app, it installed, but finished saying
> "No domains have been configured. Configure domains to be able to
> obtain certificates for them." Do I need a domain name? Would a domain
> name change the basic access process?
A domain name is not needed if you only want to use your FreedomBox on
your local network. It is however recommended if you want to access your
FreedomBox on the public internet. If you want a domain, we offer free
sub-domains at freedombox.rocks. For example, you can register the
domain myname.freedombox.rocks, or something like that. You can
configure a free sub-domain by downloading and installing Dynamic DNS in
the "System" page. Make sure you use the GnuDIP protocol. You can learn
how to do this by clicking on "Learn more..." on the Dynamic DNS page.
> - The Networks app doesn't see my Nearby WiFi Network (and Windows
> doesn't see the FBox).  I disregarded the manual's recommendation to
> purchase a separate USB WiFi device for the Cubietruck. Is this the
> cause of the problem?
I don't believe that the Cubietruck comes with built-in wireless
networking hardware; if you want your Cubietruck to be used as a wi-fi
router, you'll need to purchase a compatible wi-fi USB dongle and plug
it into your Cubietruck. But, as with other features, you don't need the
wi-fi feature to work in order to use your FreedomBox. You only need to
do if you want to use your FreedomBox as a router.
> - The Disks app, as warned, does not work. Is there any way to take
> advantage of the fact that the microchip has 64GB?
Unfortunately, I don't believe so. Others may know of a way to use
on-board memory, but I don't.
> Thanks for all help!   JON

Hope this helps!

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