[Freedombox-discuss] Patch: Freedom-Maker support for Lamobo R1

Florian Boor florian at kernelconcepts.de
Tue Jun 11 22:28:17 BST 2019

Hi all,

Am 30.05.19 um 21:57 schrieb Stefan Monnier:
>> In this case, it is better for the system not to boot and point out
>> errors in /etc/fstab instead.
> So it doesn't boot, and I'm screwed because I can't SSH into it to
> fix it, so I have to get someone to physically go there and that someone
> needs to be up to the task of accessing the serial console and do the
> funny dance.  And in the mean time, my VPN doesn't work, etc...
> To each his definition of "better", of course ;-)

there is another reason to prefer booting in such a case: Think about the odd
hardware defaults of hardware like the Lamobo R1. Per default in such case where
booting stops the built-in switch is a major security risk and I'm convinced
there is more hardware out there suffering from similar issues. Once its up and
configured this risk is gone.

A third reason is tolerance over faults. In many situations devices are able to
fulfill a part of their jobs still even if some additional storage fails. Some
less experienced user might even remove an external device and wonder why the
applicance doesn't work any more at all. Sometimes there is not even an attached
console for displaying diagnostic messages. (Why would one use it for?
Installlation takes place offline using Freedom-Maker.)

So failing to boot is a good option for developers but a bad idea in the life of
average users.



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