[Freedombox-discuss] Patch: Freedom-Maker support for Lamobo R1

Florian Boor florian at kernelconcepts.de
Wed Jun 12 00:04:38 BST 2019


Am 30.05.19 um 23:13 schrieb Sunil Mohan Adapa:
> You can do local package caching by having a local mirror like
> apt-cacher-ng (simply installing it is usually sufficient and no
> configuration is needed) and then using the freedom-maker option
> "--build-mirror=http://localhost:3142/debian".

ah this sounds pretty easy... I'll give it a try for the next build.
I would like to take a look into some more target devices anyway.

> FreedomBox's current logic for boards with multiple interfaces is to
> sort the network interfaces alphabetically and assign the first to
> external zone and remaining to internal zone. This works for many
> situations where the LAN/WAN interfaces are designated and we need an
> reliable way to assign and document that. In this case, however, we may
> need something else. R1 seems to have, from the logs, eth0, lan1, lan2,
> lan3, lan4, wan and wlx*.
> Could you check up on which of the interfaces are WAN and LAN?

okay... we have the following scenario:

wlxaca21353ef35 WLAN: Not tested yet, lacks free firmware and well... is it
really a good idea to have such ugly device names?

LAN lan1 Ethernet: / internal
This gets listed as active but I'd expect this to be the first switch port which
is connected to my internal network... I'd expect this to be configured as

FreedomBox WAN Ethernet: / external
Why is the name "WAN" here? This actually is eth0 which gets the IP address
through the first switch port.
The behaviour is the same if I connect the cable to the wan port (the separate
plug not being part of the switch block). This does not feel correct exatly.
My guess: eth0 is in fact the internal port that is connected to the switch. it
needs to be up (but not configured) for the switch to work. dhcp should confgure
the wan interface only.

Inaktiv FreedomBox LAN lan4 Ethernet
Inaktiv FreedomBox LAN wan Ethernet
Inaktiv FreedomBox LAN lan2 Ethernet
Inaktiv FreedomBox LAN lan3 Ethernet

These all seem to corrospond to the matching named ethernet interface. If I plug
the network cable into the "wan" port it gets the same role/configuration lan1
has in the described scenario.

Access to the box works in both cases.

> We can document the current behavior in the manual and advice users to
> manually fix the configuration after initial setup. We can also device a
> plan for setting things up correctly.

I just tried this but it does not work. In my eyes "correct would be:
- wan connects to Ethernet and gets its IP through DHCP, external zone
- lan1..lan4 configured as internal
- eth0 unused

Setting it up is easy but the result is that Ethernet does not get configured at
all. I bet its because leaving eth0 down cuts the connectivity between A20 and
switch. But maybe someone else knows better...

> I merged your patch into freedom-maker. We can make changes to the CI


> for daily auto builds and website for image download along with Pine64
> LTS which is pending. Meanwhile, we need to document Lamobo R1 in the
> Manual with above quirks using the Wiki.

Yes... I'll take another look if I can find out some more about networking on
the device here.



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