[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox Recognized as a Distribution of Linux

Danny Haidar haidar at freedomboxfoundation.org
Fri Sep 6 18:55:52 BST 2019

Hi everyone,

Good news: DistroWatch has officially recognized the FreedomBox
operating system as a distribution of Linux! This means that FreedomBox
is now listed in DistroWatch's authoritative database of Linux and BSD
distributions. It's considered a rite of passage for an operating system
to be listed on DistroWatch. And FreedomBox has finally gained this honor!

One thing stands out to me about this news: this is a win for Debian
Pure Blends.

Though FreedomBox is now listed as its own distribution on DistroWatch,
we remain committed to Debian and our status as a pure blend. Indeed,
FreedomBox is not the first Debian pure blend to be listed on
DistroWatch: Debian Edu/Skolelinux
<https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=skolelinux> has also
been listed. The fact that pure blends are successful enough to achieve
distribution status in their own right is a testament to Debian's
strength as a stable base of software packages. FreedomBox is proof that
you can build a fully-functional, specialized operating system without
ever leaving the Debian ecosystem. I view our listing on DistroWatch as
more proof that it is possible to succeed as a pure blend, despite the

Check out FreedomBox's official listing on DistroWatch here:

Check out our full news story here:

Congrats, everyone!



Danny Haidar*
Vice-President for Product & Development
FreedomBox Foundation

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