[Freedombox-discuss] Is there some mailing list that discusses matrix clients, specifically element desktop?

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Mon May 17 00:42:06 BST 2021

On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 10:31:32PM +0200, Geert Stappers wrote:
> ...
> > Since then I've installed Element on 2 other computers with the
> > following results:
> > 
> > On computer 1, it works.  I'm not sure what's different about this
> > computer.  Same OS version, same element version.
> > 
> > On computer 2, I get a pop-up saying "Call in progress A call is
> > currently being placed", which is the same error I get in the original
> > computer when I click on the camera icon at the top.  There used to be
> > another "hang up" button next to the video field (separate from the one
> > inside the video field to hang up the video conference) that did more
> > than just turning off the camera but this button is gone.  I think this
> > latter button did more than the in-field hang up button.

I think this outer hang-up button also left the room, not just
terminated the video call.  This was key to bypass a bug in previous
versions in which ghost users would remain in the room (with blank
screens) as I joined the room again.  But it's now gone in this latest
version 1.7.27.

> I, sysadmin slash network guy, would check network traffic.

Since I'm using my own server the slowest link is a 100Mb/s internal
router.  The interfaces on the FreedomBox and the compuer on which
Element runs are 1Gb/s.  Everything is connected with Ethernet cables.

> Hopefully can these links help
> * https://nl.webcamtests.com/

Webcam Name:	UVC Camera (046d:0808)
Quality Rating:	4833
Built-in Microphone:	None
Built-in Speaker:	None
Frame rate:	10 FPS
Stream Type:	video
Image Mode:	rgb
Webcam MegaPixels:	1.45 MP
Webcam Resolution:	1600×904
Video Standard:	???
Aspect Ratio:	1.77
PNG File Size:	2.35 MB
JPEG File Size:	1.08 MB
Bitrate:	10.7 MB/s
Number of Colors:	392087
Average RGB Color:	
Lightness:	48.43%
Luminosity:	50.84%
Brightness:	49.28%
Hue:	49°
Saturation:	8.50%

Even at the atrocious uplink speed that Comcast provides, this test gives
10 fps, presumably at full resolution.  At reduced resolution, with 2
other people in the video conference I never got anything less than 15.

My local connection used to be SD at 30 fps.

I'm now thinking that there is something saved, or corrupted, in the
configuration of the room in question, not sure if on the server or the
client, that is somewow preventing a proper video startup.  The camera
icon has a slash through it and can't be "un-muted" (what is the term for
a camera?  un-videoed?)  I have no idea where the details of each room are
stored or if it's even possible to look at them or change them.  Is there
some debuggine tool or procedure to look at those details?  I've gone over
the Developer Options, the settings are all as they were originally
except for "pinned" and "layout".  Everything looks reasonable.  Like I
said before, the video is accessible to Element as proven by clicking on
the ^ next to the camera icon in the video field.  Very strange...
There is an option to send a custom event, but I have no idea what event
I could manually send (and how) to test whatever might be causing this

Given that on one other computer I don't have this problem, it's
unlikely the problem is on the server but this is an assumption.  Does
the server remember (and keep status data) about all the combinations of
machines/element clients and users?  if so, it could still be something
saved on the server.

There is one other issue, but it's not related to this problem.  In both
computers, the one that works and the one that doesn't, At the top of
the video field, when you hover the mouse on the video area there is a
field that should have the name of the room, to the left of the video
description (SD, LD, or AUD in the case of the non working computer),
but it says $roomName, literally.

Any further hints welcome.  Thanks.


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