[Freedombox-discuss] Very strenge... "Shaare link" button (Shaarli) and docs.freedombox.org

Znoteer znoteer at mailbox.org
Fri Oct 28 22:29:06 BST 2022


On Fri, Oct 28, 2022 at 04:02:37PM -0400, A. F. Cano wrote:
> HI,
> First of all, I'm very happy that Shaarli works again.  I've imported

Me too!

> 250+ links already but encountered this very strange situation:  The
> "Shaare link" button, on firefox, does nothing (doesn't work) only when
> trying to enter https://docs.freedombox.org.  All the other links I've

Works for me.  I tried adding the shaare 2 ways. First, by using the +Shaare button on the Shaarli interface and second, by clicking the the green star that the firefox shaarli addon puts in the bar where the location field is. (I wasn't sure which button you meant.)

* Firefox 106.0.2 64-bit
* I added tags "freedombox" and "documentation"
* shaarli here is configured to make shaares private by default. I kept the default
* I accepted the title that shaarli scraped from the page

How does that compare with your setup?

znoteer at mailbox.org

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