[Freedombox-discuss] ARM64 board for Debian/Freedombox

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Sep 12 20:50:08 BST 2022

On Mon, 12 Sep 2022 08:52:52 -0400 Stefan wrote:
> > No, I think 64bit is a must in 2022.  
> When running Freedombox style software, with a machine that has no more
> than 4GB, I highly doubt you'd be able to tell the difference between
> a machine running Debian's `arm64` and `armhf`.
> The only potential issue I can think of is the question whether Debian's
> `armhf` will still exist in 10 years.  But since there are still many
> popular SBCs sold today with 32bit ARM CPUs, I do suspect that it will
> still be around then.

+1 "accepted answer"

but i will add, that it is equally uncertain if _any_ SBC
manufactured today, will still be functional in 10 years

more significantly though, i think it is safe to say, that if
people are hesitant to use a 32bit server today, it is not
because the machine is unsuitable for their actual needs - that
is simply because the technology is already 10+ years old, and
something newer exists

so although this is a perfectly reasonable argument to make, it
just is not convincing to many people - people will prefer
an "updated/upgraded" _whatever_, even if they do not need it

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