[Fsf-Debian] [Dev] Comparison with Parabola

Andrei POPESCU andreimpopescu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 17:21:57 UTC 2012

On Du, 05 aug 12, 16:40:44, Bryan Baldwin wrote:
> The real difference is that those distributions have a genuine intent
> to remove the nonfree software. Debian doesn't. Debian has every
> intention to separate it, but continue developing and maintaining
> nonfree software in the contrib and nonfree repositories, then try to
> "win" FSF honorable mentions with word games pretending that those
> repositories are not part of Debian.
> That isn't "compromise", its simply whole cloth lying. When a real
> contingent of Debian representatives have come forward to say, it is
> their intention to completely give up all mention and all support for
> contrib and nonfree, then this conversation will actually start
> getting somewhere, where "somewhere" means the possibility of being
> listed as a free distribution with the FSF.

Hi Bryan,

I can't speak for Debian (as I'm just a user), but I think there is 
genuine interest in addressing at least some of the issues that still 
keeps Debian off the Free Distros list. During that process some issues 
(bugs) may come up that Debian will not be willing to fix (i.e. bugs 
tagged 'wontfix').

However, in the meantime I think it is not helpful at all if you start 
this whole process by calling Debian names. Please try to bring in 
constructive criticism, or even better start filling bugs against the 
relevant (pseudo-)packages.

Kind regards,
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