[Fsf-Debian] few arguments to FSF

Gunnar Wolf gwolf at gwolf.org
Fri Aug 10 17:17:33 UTC 2012

Paul van der Vlis dijo [Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 05:52:49PM +0200]:
> > Ok. As for the only graphics card in a hypothetical single-board
> > computer that, besides that card, can be used with free software: "you
> > have the option not to have video at all. We recommend you not to have
> > video - Hey, who needs it after all? But anyway, if you want to use
> > this piece of hardware, you can search for the relevant non-free
> > firmware and it will work"
> Bad example! You could use a serial interface, SSH, or even an
> usb-attached videocard [1].
> When a videocard needs firmware to operate, this is normally loaded
> before the OS starts, after that you normally have text-mode and VESA
> for the OS.

_I_ can.

Most of our users can't. Or won't. They will look elsewhere - Freedom
will look more as a burden than as an advantage. We try to make them
_want_ to switch to a Free OS, to prove it's not black magic, and that
you don't have to be a hacker to enjoy the freedom such a system

Their experience would be better if they also got really free
hardware, of course. I have suffered half-done closed controllers, and
that has taught me the value of documented hardware and free

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