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Mario Jorge de Sousa Freire mario.freire at camara.gov.br
Thu May 17 17:21:06 UTC 2012

Hi, Goneri and others!

1) File remains in that directory on the server, for undefined time? Is content cryptographed or I am looking to the wrong files? 
2) Made two tests: one with in Windows agent, the other with Linux Agent. In both cases, job completed sucessfully, but could not find the file in any directory! In what Windows directory am I supposed to find the files?
3) How can I change the storage directory in the Linux agent?
4) Maybe this is my problem, cause I did not specify anything... What are the common options?
5) Is there any way to make a donation to Fusion project, even a very small one?


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2012/5/16 Mario Jorge de Sousa Freire <mario.freire at camara.gov.br>:
> Hi!
Hi Mario,

> Could you please answer questions below and help me using deploy feature?
Sure :)

> 1) Where, on the server, file is stored?

> 2) Where, on the agent, file is copied?
File are in the var directory

> 2bis) How can I change this?
On Windows, this will required a little change in the code.

> 3) Building a package - What is and how it works section "List of 
> checks (before installation)"?
The agent will use these checks to know if the target machine is in a valid stat.

> 4) Building a package - Actions to achieve - optional?
Well, that probably the mandatory part.

> 5) I always need to compress the file?
You can upload any files. If you know the file is compressed and want it to be extracted before the command execution, you can just use the "uncompress"

> 6) What is and how it works section "Uninstallation"? Is it optional?
Uninstallation is broken in the current stable release. That's something that will be fixed in the incoming stable release. You can already try the git release and report problem.

The feature purpose:
When you associate an order to a machine or a group a machine, you can select if you want to use the "Install" or the "Uninstall" part for a given package.

Best regards,
     Gonéri Le Bouder

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