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David DURIEUX d.durieux at siprossii.com
Wed Oct 31 10:21:46 UTC 2012

Le Wed, 31 Oct 2012 12:14:24 +0200
Mircea MITU <Mircea.MITU at ITAssist.ro> a écrit:

>On Oct 31, 2012, at 11:59 AM, David DURIEUX <d.durieux at siprossii.com>
>> Le Wed, 31 Oct 2012 11:47:30 +0200
>> Mircea MITU <Mircea.MITU at ITAssist.ro> a écrit:
>>> Hi
>> Hello
>>> I'm using FusionInventory-glpi-plugin 0.83+2.0 with agent
>>> 2.2.3-2~bpo60+2 (debian/ubuntu).
>>> In /etc/fusioninventory/agent.cfg I specify tag=TEST1 in order to
>>> tag inventoried computers, but I cannot find (nor use) this tag in
>>> GLPI FusionInventory plugin.
>> In version 0.83+2.0 of the plugin, you can find the tag in the agent
>> form (plugins > fusioninventory > fusioninventory > agents
>> management)
>Great, found it.
>>> What is the correct use of the "tag" parameter?
>> The tag can be used to define in what entity this computer will be
>> put or define the location of computer
>That's what I'm trying to do, yet I'm mising how to properly make this
>process work.
>I have the computer host2 with FusionInventory tag ITA and an entity
>named "Clients > ITA" (ITA being a subentity under Clients).
>Still, host2 is under root entity. Is there a way to automatically
>move host2 under Clients > ITA, besides manual transfer? 

Add an entity rule with: 
criteria : TAG is ITA
action > entity Clients > ITA

In next inventory, computer will move in the right entity

>Additionally, where in the database is kept the FusionInventory tag?

table `glpi_plugin_fusioninventory_agents`

>Best regards,
>Mircea MITU
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