[Fusioninventory-user] Who (fusioninventory or GLPI) decides to which host an inventory entry belongs (and how)?

Frank Thommen f.thommen at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Fri Sep 28 13:47:30 BST 2018


when inventorizing computers with `fusioninventory-inventory | 
fusioninventory-injector --stdin <URL>` who decides, if an entry is a 
new computer or an update for an old one?  GLPI or the fusioninventory 
plugin?  And how?  I noticed, that when I change the hostname and 
re-inventorize, then a new entry is created in GLPI.  This behaviour is 
useless for us (hosts (=pieces of metal) often change their name) and we 
would need to change it.  But GLPI has so many knobs to turn, that I am 
somehow lost ;-).

Any hint is appreciated.


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