[Fusioninventory-user] Who (fusioninventory or GLPI) decides to which host an inventory entry belongs (and how)?

Guillaume Bougard gbougard at teclib.com
Fri Sep 28 14:31:28 BST 2018

Hi Frank,

fusioninventory-inventory script will each time generate a new agent machineid and won't permet plugin to link the new inventory to the same agent.

By the way, the plugin should be able to link the inventory to the right computer thanks to its UUID. You can change here the rule from the plugin "Equipment import and link rules" menu (see plugin administration panel).
If the plugin can link the new inventory to an existing computer, this will be an update.

Then, you should probably better start the fusioninventory-agent script as in that way, the same mahcineid will be used (stored in var/FusionInventory-Agent.dump file). Generally, we only need fusioninventory-injector while transferring inventory from a computer without GLPI direct access.

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when inventorizing computers with `fusioninventory-inventory | 
fusioninventory-injector --stdin <URL>` who decides, if an entry is a 
new computer or an update for an old one?  GLPI or the fusioninventory 
plugin?  And how?  I noticed, that when I change the hostname and 
re-inventorize, then a new entry is created in GLPI.  This behaviour is 
useless for us (hosts (=pieces of metal) often change their name) and we 
would need to change it.  But GLPI has so many knobs to turn, that I am 
somehow lost ;-).

Any hint is appreciated.


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