Use case: VPN client

martin f krafft madduck at
Thu May 10 13:50:51 UTC 2007

also sprach Marcus Better <marcus at> [2007.05.10.1258 +0200]:
> > what if there isn't a route yet and the users asks the VPN tunnel to
> > come up?
> User-configured policy decides? I doubt there could be a sensible default 
> method. You may need to connect to WiFi, dial somewhere, or whatever...

Yeah, and that's where I see "interface ordering" come in.

> > > With upstart this is trivial: just add a job that gets run on
> > > the "started openswan" event that is emitted automatically by
> > > upstart.
> >
> > Sure this is nice, but why would netconf have to depend on it?
> It doesn't have to, but it may make it easier to write the scripts
> and implement complex scenarios. (Unless it is decided that those
> complex scenarios should not be supported in netconf, and can be
> left to users to hack in upstart if they like.)

Okay. So one step at a time. :)

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