[Nut-upsdev] Fun with TrippLite

Jonathan Freedman jef at pleiades.ca
Thu Dec 15 04:40:15 UTC 2005


Well, the problem with upsd was that I didn't have a upsd.conf. That being
said, I think the =real= problem is me mis-configuring the newhidups
driver, and the tripplite_ubs driver not supporting this particular model

The OS is Debian Sarge/unstable and the nut source is a freshly squeezed
CVS compile as of this evening. I've attached the output from the
following command... I let it run for about 45 seconds. No matter what
arguments I passed to tripplite_usb, the "Device does not match -

./newhidups -x vendorid=09ae -x productid=2005 -x generic -DDDD -uroot
auto &> /tmp/trippout

I would attach the output of dmesg, but there is so
much other stuff in there right now from usb-storage, it really is not


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