[Nut-upsdev] Re: APC regexp match example in newhidups.8

Alfred Ganz alfred-ganz+nut at agci.com
Fri Dec 23 15:51:57 UTC 2005


It looks like the vendor name story is even a bit more messy. On my 
Linux system (2.6.12-1.1372_FC3) the Back-UPS ES 650 shows like this 
with "lsusb":
    Bus 002 Device 004: ID 051d:0002 American Power Conversion Back-UPS Pro 500/1000/1500
but like this in /proc/bus/usb/devices:
    P:  Vendor=051d ProdID=0002 Rev= 1.06
    S:  Manufacturer=APC
    S:  Product=Back-UPS ES 650 FW:818.w1.D USB FW:w1
and finally like this with "newhidups -u root -DD any":
    Checking device (051D/0002) (002/004)
    - VendorID: 051d
    - ProductID: 0002
    - Manufacturer: APC
    - Product: Back-UPS ES 650 FW:818.w1.D USB FW:w1
    - Serial Number: QB0514232934  
    - Bus: 002
    Trying to match device
Note also that on this system, and for this device, the grep for APC 
would have worked!

I like your suggestion of using the vendor id as an example in the man 
page, in particular because the newhidups command line uses "vendor" 
(a much more appropriate term in many cases) while the output in both 
cases above use "Manufacturer", but also because the numeric id's 
avoid confusion.


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