[Nut-upsdev] Non Standard USB HID UPS

Pierre-Yves AILLET pierreyves.aillet at free.fr
Wed Dec 28 11:35:53 UTC 2005

Hello, I've already written to the list before about my non-standard hid Unitek

I've tried to use hiddev to access my UPS as its USB HID interface is the same
as the energizerups. Nevertheless, the protocols are different and I didn't
manage to communicate with my UPS through hiddev. Moreover, the problem
described in this page http://www.vttoth.com/ER-OF800.htm about the Linux
kernel not registering as an hiddev a device that is recognized as an input
device is back in recent kernel release and I can't afford compiling my kernel
with CONFIG_HID_USBINPUT off as I use a USB mouse.

That's why I decided to use libhid.

So here are my questions:

The libhid.c and libhid.h files in the Nut CVS are completely different from the
original libhid svn files. Then what would be the correct way to use libhid from
the libhid project for my non-standard UPS ? (inclusion in NUT or package

Using libhid matcher to identify and claim the device interface avoid the need
of defining the port on the command line or in the config file, but defining
the port seems mandatory in the main.c file. Have I missed something ? Is there
a mean to get round this ?

AILLET Pierre-Yves
16, Rue d'Armorique
44470 Thouaré-sur-Loire
Tel: +33674613172

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