[Nut-upsdev] APC Smart-UPS 1000 RM USB problems with newhidups

Justin Maggard jmaggard10 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 16 19:13:33 UTC 2006

Thanks Charles, I didn't know that all new code was going into SVN first.  
I'll be sure to download all new code from SVN from now on.

Well, I do know that it's not limited to just FC4.  I'm sure if you want to 
run a Knoppix LiveCD some similar, you will run into the same issue.  I've 
seen problems on both FC4 and Debian stock kernels, as well as custom 2.4.20 
and 2.4.31 kernels.  Keep in mind though, that most APC units have worked 
fine for me.  I've had success with lots of models, including APC BackUPS ES 
350, 500, and 725 (the 725 required a patch to handle the incorrect report 
descriptor size information), LS 700, XS 1000, and SmartUPS 750.  The 
SmartUPS 1000 RM seems to be the only one I'm having problems with, and 
someone within the company in Europe is having a problem with a CyberFort 

>From: "Charles Lepple" <clepple at gmail.com>
>To: "Justin Maggard" <jmaggard10 at hotmail.com>
>On 3/15/06, Justin Maggard <jmaggard10 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > I was able to do a little more testing today.  I hooked up the UPS to
> > another Linux FC4 box, running the newest stock Fedora kernel,
> > 2.6.14-1.1656_FC4.  I checked out the latest nut Development code from 
>The CVS and SVN trees are not too different code-wise at the moment,
>but new changes will be checked into the SVN tree from here forward.
>(I don't mean to nit-pick if you meant SVN instead of CVS, but I just
>want to be sure that you do get the updates when Peter has a chance to
>work on this again.)
>I have an APC unit connected to my Mac at the moment, but if I get
>time this weekend, maybe I can try hooking it up to a Linux box. Do
>any of you know of a FC4-based live CD, or should I just bite the
>bullet and install it?
>- Charles Lepple

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