[Nut-upsdev] NUT-2.0.5: newhidups on RedHat ES4 ( cont'd )

Patrick Agrain patrick.agrain at alcatel-lucent.fr
Wed Apr 4 12:29:27 UTC 2007

At 14:10 04/04/2007, Charles Lepple wrote:
>On 4/4/07, Patrick Agrain <patrick.agrain at alcatel-lucent.fr> wrote:
>>Can this be useful ? It is grepped from another system running NUT 2.0.3.
>>If not, please ignore it. I'll also try the tool and/or the "lsusb" command.
>If it is the same UPS model, then yes, it tells us that the problem is
>most likely not with that model's UPS firmware.

It is.

>>[root at xa000000 root]# newhidups -u root -a ups_on_usb -DD
>>Network UPS Tools: New USB/HID UPS driver 0.28a (2.0.3)
>>debug level is '2'
>>Checking device (0000/0000) (003/001)
>>Found Manufacturer Index :3
>>Found Product Index :2
>>- VendorID: 0000
>>- ProductID: 0000
>>- Manufacturer: Linux 2.4.17-ll-dhs3 ehci-hcd
>The "manufacturer" of the USV virtual root hub includes the kernel
>version, and it looks like this is a much earlier kernel than 2.6.9 as
>seen on ES4. I think that there are probably a number of other
>RedHat-specific kernel changes in their 2.6.9 kernel, but I don't know
>why that would affect the outcome of retrieving that descriptor.

Yes, actually this system runs a customized 2.4-based linux kernel.
I'll check the available patch from RH to see if there is one concerning 
the kernel and some USB issues.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Patrick Agrain

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