[Nut-upsdev] [nut-commits] svn commit r2669 - in branches/AsciiDoc: . m4

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Fri Nov 5 09:28:27 UTC 2010

Citeren Arnaud Quette <aquette.dev op gmail.com>:

> indeed, asciidoc / a2x return the version in the form "<appname> <version>",
> which implies that we have to strip the <appname> part.

That indeed is the problem. As long as the appname doesn't contain  
numerals, the AX_COMPARE_VERSION macro will strip it for us (so this  
isn't a problem), but this fails for appnames with numerals in them.

> that's also why I've
> only made a comment on the requirement, and not implemented it, along with
> the fact that we actually require the not yet published 8.6.3 (to fix
> various issues, like the chunked HTML generation), and that BB slaves only
> provide 8.6.1 at most.

That's why I lowered the requirement for now, so that at least we get  
some activity here... :-) It's easy enough to change to a higher  
version in the m4/nut_check_asciidoc.m4 file later on.

> btw, do you want me to ask Stuart to remove the <appname> part, of to
> provide a "value only" version?

Most applications will only return the version info so that would be  
less of a surprise. On the other hand, stripping the result up to (and  
including) the last space is easy enough to fix. Commit r2674 seems to  
do the job nicely (although I'm not certain about the portability).

Best regards, Arjen
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